Excerpts from "The hunting Season"

"Jojo" (played by Nadege Matteis) tells her twin brother "Boukman" (played by Trevor Hayes) a story as "God" (played by Esther Ayomide Akinsanya) watches.

"God" (played by Esther Ayomide Akinsanya) guides "Jojo" (played by Nadege Matteis) on a journey through time to the day  her mother "Marie" (played by Paule Aboite) and father "Emanuel" (played by Guyviaud Joseph) first met.

"Marie" (played by Paule Aboite) experiences the nightmarish vision of her son "Boukman" (played by Trevor Hayes) being abused by "Loup Garou (werewolf)  Office Michael Walker" (played by James B. Kennedy)